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Sunday, March 15th at 1.00 pm EDT Amy Jo will assist to the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. Don't loose your chance to meet Amy Jo Johnson!
New features for AmyJo.Com!
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Created: Jan. 3rd, 2014


I'd like to start this new year introducing you some new features that I added to AmyJo.Com:

  • Random image: Now I added a plugin that shows a random image of all the site has. I added in this main page, in the right side bar
  • Popular tags: This is a plugin too. It shows all the popular tags used in this site. If you click on a tag, it will open a new page with all the articles that contains that tag
  • Released date for albums: When in a menu or a search list that contains album, it shows the released date of the album instead of nothing
  • Years in images: And the most important new feature... I added a new type of article that sorts all the events/articles/movies/series... well, everything on the website and sorts by appearance, showing also a random picture on top if that appearance contains picture. This is a very good way to see all the appearances of Amy Jo and how she is changing through the years :)
  • Added posters to the entries of the filmography
  • And not a feature, but I fixed some minor bugs that the filmography had

I hope you like this new features... I'll continue working on more features I have on my mind

Happy 2014!!!
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Created: Dec. 31st, 2013

Have a very very happy new year 2014! This year will be plenty of new and exciting projects, starting with a new webcast with Laura Lynne in a few days! I received my perk a couple of weeks ago, and my wish for all of you is that you receive your perk too :) Have a wonderful year!

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Created: Sep. 25th, 2013

Amy Jo created a few days ago a new layout for her MySpace account. You can see all the new content visiting it, clicking on the link below :) Also, she updated her YouTube channel with new pictures. Follow the link below to visit it and enjoy!!!

For not forgetting these links, I've also created a box at your right that will be seen on the main page.

Wine Country Film Festival
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Created: Sep. 17th, 2013

At last, we have date for the festival!!!

Sep. 26th, 2013 at 5:30 pm
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Created: Sep. 17th, 2013

Hi all!

Today I have some updates to share with you:

  • First: Check the music section to see new videos that Amy Jo recorded for people that claimed perks of the short movie Lines
  • I've added a new article: A review of BENT and another one talking about MMPR. Check them out in the press section
  • Also, added new pictures of Amy Jo at the Long Island Film Festival (see them in the Filmography section)
  • The awards page has also been updated. You can see it in the Amy Jo's section
  • On your right appears now her last tweets on the main page

And that's all! Hope you like all this new things!!!!

Welcome again to the brand new AmyJo.Com
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Created: Sep. 11th, 2013

Hi again! AmyJo.Com is open again and has been built from zero once again... I hope, the last time I do something like that... Well, the thing is that I was starting to hate Joomla and Wordpress because of the difficulty toad things like I wanted to add, so, I created my own CMS, and added all the content inside... And this is the result: A brand new AmyJo.Com, plenty of new features, very easy to update and to add new content the way I always wanted :) Now, an small list of things that I changed:

  • The way videos, galleries and audio clips are shown: Now it opens in an internal pop up showing only interesting information about the thing you are seeing, and no more Flash
  • The section that talks about Amy Jo has been reorganized for a better navigation
  • Filmography now shows all the gods for an entry: No more pages and pages with a difficulty navigation
  • Episode guides are also restructured
  • The same for the music section
  • And I've added again thee fan list and the love test, but both improved. Check them out in the Online section

Also, there's new features:

  • Added comments to all the articles and blog entries
  • Added a search box that shows the information of the article that matches your search in a proper way, depending if it's an album, a film,...
  • You can also search by tag, clicking on an article tag: It will list all the articles having that tag
  • And also, now you can share on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

And last but not least, now the main page shows relevant information of Amy Jo in the sidebar located at your right

It has been an amazing experience creating this and I hope you like as much as I did and I do updating AmyJo.Com. See you here!

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Created: Aug. 24th, 2013

Click to open gallery


Last weekend Amy Jo directed her second short movie called Lines. She posted some pictures on Facebook and Twitter, and I've collected them and added to the filmography. See them in the Filmography or directly clicking on the image. Have fun!!

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