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  • Pictures from series: MMPR, Flashpoint, What about Brian, Wildfire, Spin city, ER, Felicity, Saved by the bell: New class and The Division
  • Pictures from specials: Magma: Volcanic Disaster DVD Special Bonus and Pursuit of Happiness DVD Special Bonus
  • Pictures from movies: Magma: volcanic disaster, Islander, Veritas, Prince of truth, Fatal trust, Infested, Interstate 60, Cold hearts, Pursuit of happiness, Perfect body, Killing Mr. Griffin, Without limits, Hard ground, Sweetwater and Susie Q
  • Pictures from music and lives: WGN private concert, Croatia (where she records some of the songs of the second album) and Recording in Bosnia
  • Pictures from her (personal): Trapeze school
  • Pictures from public appearances: 20th Shine Awards, 71st Academy awards, Breakfast with Felicity, Felicity Soundtrack CD Release Party and 7th Annual Tommy Hilfiger Race to Erase MS
  • Pictures from the talk shows: I love the 90's
  • Videos from the talk shows: I love the 90's
  • Song I live for today (cannot upload, sorry :'()
  • Full coverage of all her acting career here
  • Lots of Interviews, Articles and Chats


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