Legacy of power

When Mesogog kidnaps Tommy, the Rangers stumble onto a video diary created by thier mentor which has recorded his life and adventures as a Power Ranger...

NOTE: This special episode, filled with clips from the past 11 seasons of Power Rangers, begins with white text on a black screen, stating, "Commemorating 500 episodes, may the power live on forever".

Hayley is revealed to have helped Tommy build the Dino Morphers and DinoThunder Zords. She joins the team as an advisor.

Conner reveals that his twin brother went to the Wind Ninja Academy, from PRNS. He would be Eric, the Dustin-esque guy from "Storm Before The Calm".

The teens actually consider turning to Time Force for help, but, not having been informed about the active status of two of their members, did not know to contact the Silver Guardians.

The only Ranger team not covered were the Aquitian Rangers. Karone's stint as Galaxy Pink, as well as Tanya's joining, were not mentioned. Mike and the Magna Defender were also not covered. No mention of Blue Senturion or Phantom Ranger. Dimitria seen but not named. Death of Zordon glossed over.

We learn that Invisi-portals are all over the city and go both ways.

Elsa (Miriama Smith), Cassidy (Katerina Devine), and Devin (Tom Hern) do not appear in this episode.

The clips in this episode are from: Day of the Dumpster, Green With Evil pt. 1-2, 5 [MMPR1]; Green No More pt. 2, White Light pt. 1-2, The Power Transfer pt. 2 [MMPR2]; Ninja Quest pt. 1, 3 [MMPR3]; A Zeo Beginning pt. 1-2, A Golden Homecoming [PRZ]; Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie; Shift into Turbo pt. 1,2, Passing the Torch pt. 1-2, Chase into Space pt. 1-2 [PRT]; From Out of Nowhere pt. 1-2, Survival of the Silver [PRiS]; Quasar Quest pt. 1-2, Journey's End pt. 1,3 [PRLG]; Operation Lightspeed, Ryan's Destiny, The Fate of Lightspeed pt. 2 [PRLR]; Force from the Future pt. 1-2, The Quantum Quest, The End of Time pt. 3 [PRTF]; Lionheart, The Lone Wolf [PRWF]; Prelude to a Storm, Thunder Strangers pt. 1-2, Return of Thunder pt. 4, The Samurai's Journey pt. 2-3, Storm Before The Calm pt. 2 [PRNS]; Day of the Dino pt. 2 [PRDT].

Either due to a contractual reason, or just a quirk of editing for time, Joel (Keith Robinson) and Cole (Ricardo Medina Jr.) do not appear unmorphed in any of the footage used.

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