First steps:

AmyJoBrasilAmy Jo Johnson was born in the small town of Dennis in the region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, on October 6, 1970. She was a normal girl and like many of us, had a dream: he wanted to be an artist. Daughter Greig Johnson, a car salesman, and his wife Christine Johnson, who managed for a long time a clothing store, Amy Jo became interested in gymnastics in childhood and at age 7 began training in Cape Gymnastics Club cod.

After 4 years of training, she was already participating in championships throughout North America and Europe. But after graduating from high school, their wishes have changed. The dream of being an actress spoke louder and Amy left the gym, spending the next year working and saving money for your plan to study performing arts in New York. She auditioned for The American Musical and Acting Academy (American Academy Musical and Dramatic) and so was passed, he moved to New York.

After a year and a half studying, she moved to Los Angeles, but the first two months there were not easy and Amy came up to go home. Everything changed when she learned that the executive producer of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was looking for someone with skills in gymnastics. She traveled to California, f z auditioned for the role, was approved and was able to get his life in Los Angeles. Within months, she was home, friends and dreams began to come true.

The beginning of fame:

AmyJoBrasilThus, in 1993, came the long awaited chance of a role in TV. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers it was the Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Hart. The series blended scenes of American actors with scenes of a Japanese Super Sentai: Zyuranger (1st season). It was not long "Power Rangers" became popular, turning one of the most watched children's programs in the United States. This led Amy and the other actors to the big screen through the first film in the series: Power Rangers - The Movie, filmed in Sydney, Australia.

After the success in theaters, on TV started the third season of Heroes, which used scenes from another Japanese Super Sentai: Kakuranger. Halfway through this season, Amy decided to leave the series, replaced by Catherine Sutherland. At the time she said she loved the character who played, but was considered new to devote so much a show. Also, Amy felt overwhelmed by the astonishing success of the series. She did not want to go through it any time soon. She wanted to have privacy, I wanted to play guitar, paint and do theater.

Theater and film:

AmyJoBrasilSo, Amy spent time only devoting himself to the theater, acting in plays such as Much Ado About Nothing (Much Ado About Nothing) by William Shakespeare at the Teatro Pasadena Knight's Bridge.

In 1996, Amy could be seen on TV in the main role of Susie Q film, orginal production of the Disney Channel. She had recorded this film before finalizing their participation in the series Power Rangers. Amy plays Susie Quinn, a teenage ghost who was back to his old home, willing to help his family. Soon after, Amy appeared as a guest in episodes of the series Campus Cops, The Eddie Files and Noise Galera: New Generation.

In 1997, she returned the roots, playing again with Kimberly Austin St. John (Jason first Red Ranger) in Turbo film: Power Rangers 2 This time, her character had been captured by Divatox, a new villain who planned USA- it as a sacrifice in Maligore volcano.

After his return to Ranger universe, Amy acts in several films. Next to Mario Lopez, stars in the film Killing Mr. Griffin, one Lois Duncan's book adaptation on NBC. In the film, she plays Susan McConnell, the darling student teacher. Already in Perfect Body, she lives a bulemica gymnast and in theaters a vampire, terror Cold Hearts. Also makes an appearance in the movie Fireproof, produced by Tom Cruise.

The great leap:

AmyJoBrasilSo Amy is asked to make one of the characters most successful of his career: Julie Emrick, a schoolgirl who becomes the best friend of the main character Felicity series, produced by Warner Bros and displayed in Brazil by SBT.

Before long, Felicity becomes one of the most watched series of the WB and becomes critically acclaimed. Interpreting Julie Emrick, Amy turns icon among youth and adults. For her performance, she won nominations for several awards like the Teen Choice Awards on Fox and the conquest series an Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

In the original script I had Julie dancing skills, but Amy suggested to producers that Julie had abilities for music, as well could show his voice and guitar, she was already using in Valhalla band formed by her and friends. So, Julie became a student of music and guitar player.

It was then that Amy Jo had the opportunity to Puddle Of Grace song that she wrote to her mother. Being primarily a personal music, Amy had no plans to record there. But after hearing there singing, the creator of the series Felicity JJ Abrams, he invited her to record the song in the studios of Hollywood Records, so she could be part of the official soundtrack of the series. So Puddle Of Grace was released on CD Felicity Soundtrack and eventually became the highlight of the album. Shortly thereafter it became single on radio stations around the world as disclosure of the series, reaching position on the Billboard.

Amidst this great moment in TV and music, Amy went through a period of immense sadness because of the death of his mother. Fiction and reality mixed as well as Amy in real life, Julie Emrick also suffered from lack of her mother. The song's Puddle Of Grace song fit well with the character, which sought to conquer her birth mother.

In Rock Road and first album:

AmyJoBrasilRecognition in music made ​​Amy won the lead role in the film The Rock Road, a biography about the life of singer Nansi Nevins, lead singer of the band Sweetwater. For the film, Amy has re-recorded the band's songs that became legend after opening the Woodstock Festival in 1969. Amy changed her look to the recordings, using an appliqué that let her hair twice the size. She and the other actors had costumes, cars and all hippie concept late 60s marking its characters. Amy shot the film alongside Felicity, who was in his second season.

"In Rock Road" premiered on August 15, 1999, exclusively on primetime VH1 and bore the slogan: "They were seen by 500,000 in Woodstock, but no one heard them again." The film reached the highest ratings of the channel in the year, leaving the front of the traditional concert VH1 Divas. It is to date the most successful film produced by VH1.

In 2000, early in the season, Amy decided to leave the cast of Felicity. She stated that she was willing to work on new projects, working on his compositions and plan to record an album. Once left the series, Amy participated in the film Pursuit of Happiness and Liars Club, made ​​an appearance in the series ER and starred in the horror tale "A stop on the road", the series Night Visions.

She also happened to be often seen in musical acts from VH1, as the Rock Across America, where Amy came to be the host of one of the episodes. It was also the special Fairway to Heaven, where the side of several celebrities, she showed her skills playing Golf.

In late 2001, Amy took another step in his musical carries, releasing their first CD titled The Trans-American Treatment. Along with the release of the CD, he also premiered in Los Angeles, his first concert tour with his new band, The Amy Jo Johnson Band. The first CD came out singles Splashin 'Cat In The Rain and Snow, both with great acceptance on the radio.

In May 2002, Amy joined the cast of the musical Love, Janis, who was in his second year at the Village Theatre in New York. With the alternating singer Laura Branigan, Amy played the protagonist, Janis Joplin, singing 19 songs during the show. The piece, which celebrated the career and life of Janis Joplin, was inspired by the eponymous book written by Janis sister, Laura. But in less than a month, Amy was fired production due conflict with his touring schedule and pace of presentations that required of her voice something she could not do.

Despite this dismissal, Amy looked up and went in pursuit of their ideals. Also in 2002, he wrote Memories of My Mother tale, which was published in the book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff and won new TV appearances: She starred in an episode of the sitcom, Spin City, where opposite Charlie Sheen and also accepted an invitation from JJ Abrams, to re-interpret Julie Emrick, this time as a special guest in the last episodes of the series Felicity, who was coming to an end after four seasons.

In theaters in 2002, Amy appeared alongside James Marsden and Gary Oldman in the film Journey without destination, which also included the cast known names in Hollywood like Christopher Lloyd, Amy Smart, Kurt Russell and Chris Cooper.

Movies, volunteer work and The Divison:

AmyJoBrasilAmy returns to theaters in 2002. This time playing Jesse, a woman next to her friends, tries to escape mutant flies in Infested Terror: The Invasion, produced by Sony Pictures. In 2003, Amy stars in the film Good Will Hunting Trail. She lives Elizabeth Kennedy, a young woman to be alone in the violent old American West, has its fate in the hands of the bounty hunter John McKay (Burt Reynolds).

In July 2003, Amy joins the Global Children's Organization, an organization that helps disadvantaged children and traumatized by violence and war. Amy then traveled to Mostar in Bosnia, beginning his work as a volunteer. She actively participated in the summer monitoring and workshops aimed at the educational and creative activities for children assisted by the organization.

Even in Bosnia, after meeting the Pavarotti Music Centre, a musical educational institution, nonprofit and constructed by the financial support of Luciano Pavarotti, Brian Eno, and members of U2, Amy decided there begin recording their second album. She enlisted the help of his friends, Tony Peskin on percussion and Johanna Graclik on piano and backing vocals, producing the studio versions of Dancing In-Between, Blue Butterfly Boy and Free.

In late 2003, Amy was invited to join the cast of the series The Division, recorded in San Francisco, California. Becoming a member of the series, Amy decided to postpone the production of their second album, which led the three tracks already recorded in Bosnia to be shelved. Her character in the series, the official Stacy Reynolds, is a new member of the police station of women in San Francisco.

The Division acting in the course of 2004, Amy had one of its successes, the song Cat In The Snow, played in one of the episodes. She also recorded a share in special New Year's VH1, the I Love The 90's, documentary in 10 episodes of the TV program in the 90s.

Second album, a villain and movies:

AmyJoBrasilAfter the end of The Division, in 2005, Amy decided to launch the second album, delayed two years earlier. But I wanted something deeper than the previous album. She wanted a record where she could put her soul, something that was simple and neat for the honesty of his compositions were further placed in the foreground.

Then comes the live album titled Imperfect, a record of one of his acoustic performances, recorded in Hollywood in September 2004. In this compilation, which brought new compositions to the first CD compositions, the Dancing In-between song was first performed to the public. During the album can be heard little messages about life, recorded by Amy in a studio, especially to fill the space between songs.

In July 2005, Amy is invited to live Tina Sharp, villain of the Wildfire series produced by ABC Family channel. In Wildfire, Tina Sharp is a famous jockey who does everything to disrupt the life of the newcomer Kris Furillo (Genevieve Cortese). Amy remains in the cast of Wildfire during the first season, then returned as a special guest in some episodes of the second and third season.

In the same year, Amy was also the co-producer of the film In Memory of My Father, written by her boyfriend at the time, Christopher Jaymes. The film was shown in the US film festivals and was even presented at the 29th Brazilian show film in 2005.

Amy spends the year 2006 involved in different productions. First, it stars in the Magma film, an original production of the Sci-Fi Channel for television. In this film about science fiction, she plays Brianna Chapman, a schoolgirl beside her teacher to, embarks on a dangerous expedition in search of active volcanoes.

After being invited again by JJ Abrams, it appears in the premiere episode of the series What About Brian. Amy lives a crazy girlfriend Brain, Karen, known in the series as "girl car". She also repeated her character in two episodes of the second season. Amy also participates in the independent film Islander, engraved on the Maine coast.

Finally, alongside the actors Sean Patrick Flanery and Kate Walsh, she travels to Mexico to record the movie Veritas, Prince of Truth. Amy stars as Marty Williams, a protective animal, who along with her son embarks on a magical adventure with a super hero known as "Veritas". The film was released successfully in the Mexican movie theaters and later came to the United States.

In late 2006, Amy starred in the movie Fatal Trust, a production for the Lifetime channel. She plays Kate, a desk trying to start his life in a small town, but falls prey to a dangerous man.

Los Angeles Departure:

AmyJoBrasilIn early 2007, after a vacation and travel the world, visiting countries such as Argentina, Angola and Thailand, Amy decided to give up his life in Los Angeles after 15 years living in the city. His departure Hollywood was linked mainly to its withdrawal from acting. With the intention to leave acting career and get away from the spotlight, Amy chose to live in the city of Montreal, Canada.

In December 2007, she accepted an invitation from Koishii and Hush and recorded electronic ballad Since You're Gone, music that has won four versions released on a single CD. She was also the main highlight of the compilation album "Souvenirs". Amy also held its first acoustic performance in Canada in January 2008.

Happy, living in a new country and in love with a French-Canadian (her fiancé Olivier Giner), Amy was doing what he wanted, paintings, yoga and music that it has made ​​available on its official page on myspace. However, in March 2008, a tempting chance to return to TV came. At first, Amy thought about refusing, but was convinced by her boyfriend to accept this new job.

Flashpoint and pregnancy:

Flashpoint arose from a partnership between the Canadian broadcaster CTV and American CBS. There was already a pilot when recorded in 2008, Amy was cast in the role of one of the protagonists, the elite sniper Jules Callaghan. With a new script, Flashpoint begins to be produced with Amy Jo Johnson and Canadians Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau forming the main cast of the series. But there was one problem: Amy was pregnant.

She told the producers of the series about her pregnancy, but they wanted the same. They explained that they would give a way away from there the recordings and that something would happen to her character so she could take her maternity leave. So, Amy begins filming the most physical and intense series that has starred. In the first week, Amy and the other actors were trained with the real team of police tactical force of Toronto. Over the months, the growth of her belly was hidden through the uniform and heavy equipment of the police series.

Amy also had the opportunity to have one of his songs on the soundtrack of the series. The unedited version of Dancing In-between studio, recorded in Bosnia, was chosen to play for the plot and took Amy to launch this unprecedented recording single CD. The CD was released in August 2008 and music, driven by the audience of the series, he has become a hit on Canadian radio.

Within a few months after its debut, Flashpoint secured his place as one of the great Canadian TV audiences, guaranteed every week the top spot in primetime for CTV. The high rates advanced the confirmation of his second year, announced even before the end of his first season. By CBS in the United States, the series also took off, reaching the range of 10 million weekly viewers and taking several times to lead CBS Friday nights.

In the last moments of the first season, with the pregnancy of Amy being very noticeable and having no more hiding, his character is hit by a sniper, which leaves her temporarily out of the police team. Through this, Amy moves away from recordings to give birth to her first daughter, Francesca Christine Giner, who was born in December 2008. But it did not take Amy to resume his post at the Flashpoint series.

In May 2009, halfway through the second season, Amy returned to the cast of Flashpoint with their role as Jules. In the same period, Amy married her fiancé Olivier Giner and established his residence in Toronto, leaving Montreal. She had yet another of his songs in the third season. Its Goodbye composition, became the subject of the episode called "Terror".

Awards and stability in Canada:

AmyJoBrasilIn 2009, for her performance in Flashpoint, Amy was named "Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series" at the Gemini Awards, the most important award of the TV in Canada, equivalent to the American Emmy. She was also invited to present one of the categories ceremony along with his co-star Hugh Dillon.

In August 2010, parallel to his work in Flashpoint, Amy Jo Johnson served as guest star Alexa Vega Film, Summer Song. The recordings took place in the very home of Amy earth, in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. Although it was displayed in some film festivals, the film remains unreleased to the public.

In November 2010, Amy was confirmed cast in the film version of the bestselling book of the writer Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes. The film was recorded in the US state of New Mexico and during 2012, won accolades and awards from major US film festivals. The following year, Tiger Eyes hit theaters with world premiere on June 7, 2013.

In April 2012, Amy Jo Johnson was nominated in the category "Best TV Actress" at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, whose prize is a statuette of the Golden Nymph. This was the second time that Amy was nominated for this award, the first in 2010. In both directions, won for his role in Flashpoint series, Amy was representing Canada among representatives from more than 25 countries.

After the end of Flashpoint, which consolidated the name of Amy Jo as a main stars of Canadian TV, she continued to appear in the country's production, as in the series of Cracked criminal investigation in child Bookaboo series, and special film Christmas Coming Home for Christmas.

Debut as a filmmaker and third album:

AmyJoBrasilIn July 2012, Amy annouced via Twitter his debut as a director and screenwriter. She has written two scripts: Bent and Craizer Than You, the first being a short film and the second one long. The two scripts are connected to each other. While Craizer Than You tells the life story of Christine Johnson, Amy Jo's mother, Bent takes place 30 years later, when two girls original screenplay grow and face their own demons.

In September 2012, Amy began a campaign for Bent production in arredação site Indiegogo of funds, with a goal of $ 20,000. In less than a month, the target was hit and the amount collected was higher than expected. With the success of the campaign, filming Bent began a month later, in October 2012. In addition to producing and directing, Amy also plays the lead role, Amelia character who appears alongside Sonya Salomaa and Michael Cram. The short underwent US film festivals and Canada during the years 2013 and 2014, winning awards and acclaim from the specialized critic.

In June 2013, Amy announced the crowdfunding for his second short film, Lines. The short, where she again lives Amelia, character display of comical way the importance of acceptance of appearance over time. Amy revealed that the aim of the film is to bring the memory of the meaning of the important things in life and embrace the beauty of aging gracefully. In July 2013, Amy began to crowdfunding campaign for the production, achieving more than $ 40,000 in less than one month, which led to the highlight of the month in Indiegogo campaign.

In November 2013, Amy returned to the scene of folk music through the release of their third album copyright, Never Broken. In tracklist are songs she wrote over 10 years, including Relief, up to the penultimate episode of Flashpoint, God, belonging to the soundtrack of Bent and Lines that is present in the short film of the same name. The unprecedented Cracker Jacks was the first song released, debuting at Chum FM radio in Toronto, where he remained among touched during the two weeks later.

In 2014, Amy Jo Johnson returned to American TV, working on the spy series from USA Network Channel, Covert Affairs. She began her participation in the second episode of the fifth season, the role of division officer against terrorism, Hayley Price. Amy also released her third short film, titled Shooting Blanks. The short is a short prologue to the first feature-length Amy Jo, The Space Between, and stars again by Sonya Salomaa and Michael Cram. Amy is Amelia again, but this time only his voice is present.

Even in 2014, Amy embarked once again on Indiegogo crowdfunding site to finance The Space Between, where she makes her film debut as writer and director of a feature film. The campaign exceeded the goal of raising and became one of the most profitable year in Indiegogo site. Because of a bet made by actor David Yost and to celebrate the success of the fundraising campaign, Amy stumbled dress Power Ranger Rosa and sing live on the streets of Toronto, a fact reflected in the international media and made his name be one of the most talked on social networks.

In 2015, Amy Jo was recognized with the award for "year" Design Indiewire site because of its crowdfunding campaign for the film The Space Between and is invited to join the group selected from the Tribeca Film Festival filmmakers.

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