"Flashpoint" a Cross Border Hit for Kingston-Born Hugh Dillon

This summer has proven to be a big success for Canadian cop shows airing on U.S. television networks, and CTV's Flashpoint has continued its record of garnering very good ratings for CBS on Friday nights. One of the show's most prominent characters is Head SRU (Strategic Response Unit) sniper Ed Lane, portrayed by Kingston-born actor Hugh Dillon. In addition to being born in Kingston, Dillon was also lead singer for the hard rock band The Headstones which formed in Kingston in 1987 and was one of the country's most successful bands until their breakup in 2003. In a recent interview[...]

"Goodbye" comes to the soundtrack of Flashpoint

After "Dancing In-between" to play during the first season being released as a single and close the year 2008 among over 110 magazine Chart, was more than time for another song from Amy get into the soundtrack of Flashpoint. According to information from CTV, the song "Goodbye", on this first CD of Amy, "The Trans-American Treatment" will air on an episode of the new season, the second song from Amy to be part of the series. In the new season, Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) is still in action, but sees a close family situations that make reflect on her life,[...]

'Flashpoint S2 - Vol. 1' Doesn't Do Justice to a Quality Show

It has been less than six months since I reviewed the Season 1 DVD release of Flashpoint here on CinemaSpy.com. Nevertheless, Phase 4 Films is already releasing episodes from Season 2 on the Canadian home entertainment market. If you purchased the first season set and are expecting more of the same, though, you might not be totally satisfied. Flashpoint Season 2 Volume 1 , which comes out north of the border today, includes more of the intelligent script writing and slick action that characterize this Canadian procedural. Unlike the 13-episode Season 1 DVD set, however, this new release includes only[...]

'Flashpoint' filming in Mount Hope

If you are in the vicinity of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum or CargoJet facilities June 22 to 24 and see what appears to be police tactical unit activity, don't be alarmed. Filming is under way for the CTV/CBS police action/drama television series Flashpoint, which stars Amy Jo Johnson, Enrico Colantini and Hugh Dillon. Different locations at the Hamilton International Airport are being used as backdrops for scenes; a large Boeing 737 jet will also be used for both interior and exterior filming. An early morning visit on Friday, June 17 to the set of this critically-acclaimed show found the[...]

'Flashpoint' lights up Ion TV

Network commits to season five of Canuck police skein Ion Television is buying more episodes of "Flashpoint," the Canadian police drama it acquired last year. The series is produced by Pink Sky and Avamar in association with Canuck broadcaster CTV. Ion will join the list of producers for the series' fifth season. "Flashpoint" began airing off-net on Ion in October and the network is on its way through the series' previous four seasons as production on season five begins in February. The network - formerly Pax, then i - is strengthening its rerun-heavy lineup with content viewers haven't seen before,[...]

'Flashpoint' Recap: 'Thicker Than Blood'

Tonight, Flashpoint asked the question, how far would you go to save the life of your own child? Would you rob a bank? Kidnap a donor? Risk jail, or even your life? In "Thicker Than Blood," Mark Logan has reached that stage. His son, Chris, is dying from leukemia and the only solution is a paid donor who wants $40,000. In order to get the money, he arranges to "rob" a bank and that's where the SRU comes in. When Parker and the gang first arrive on the scene, they think they're dealing with a typical bank hold-up. Witnesses tell[...]

'Flashpoint' Set to Spark on DVD and Blu-ray

Flashpoint , one of the few Canadian shows to achieve certified hit status in the United States, is scheduled to debut on DVD in the US and DVD and Blu-ray in Canada on October 13. The full specs for the Blu-ray edition have now been released and we have them for you. The set will include all 13 episodes of Season One of the Toronto-shot show, as well as three special features: Behind the Scenes of Flashpoint , Director's Commentary on the Pilot Episode and a featurette called 'The Human Cost of Heroism'. These the same special features as are[...]

'Flashpoint' star returns to TV after two-year break

'Flashpoint' star returns to TV after two-year break Tyrone Warner, CTV.ca After a self-imposed hiatus to travel the world, "Flashpoint" star Amy Jo Johnson tells CTV.ca that she's ready to return to television. "It felt like this would be the right time to work again," says Johnson. "I took two years off because I really wanted a family and I was tired of the L.A. scene." On "Flashpoint," Johnson plays Julianna "Jules" Callaghan, a sniper and rappelling expert for the Strategic Response Unit (based on Toronto's real-life Emergency Task Force). Airing on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV and[...]

'Flashpoint' stars feature musical side in upcoming episodes

Amy Jo Johnson and Hugh Dillon are trading in their sniper rifles for pitch pipes when their songs are featured on upcoming episodes of the hit CTV series "Flashpoint." The high-intensity drama about a fictional Strategic Response Unit in Toronto airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET. Dillon plays the SRU team leader and lead sniper Ed Lane, while Johnson plays the squad's lone female, Julianna "Jules" Callaghan, a sniper and rappelling expert. Dillon is well known for his previous career fronting Canadian punk rockers "The Headstones," and his co-star Johnson has been developing her own musical career for many[...]

'Flashpoint' third season returns

When it comes to prisoners escaping custody, you have to hope police transport vans are more secure in real life than they are on TV or in the movies. After all, prisoners in scripted projects tend to free themselves from transport vans with alarming regularity. And all their accomplices always seem to know exactly when the van is leaving and where it's headed. Weird. Anyway, that's just a side observation with regard to the Canadian cop drama Flashpoint, which begins airing the back end of its third season on Tuesday, Jan. 4, on CTV. In the new episode titled Collateral[...]

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