Bent, a Short Film by Amy Jo Johnson: Heartfelt, Meaningful, and Funny

I'm not sure if many of you know this, but I love heartfelt movies with messages that resonate. When I go on Netflix, or even Hulu, I look for movies with a great message, but at the same time, it must be filmed skillfully. When I was awarded a special opportunity to view "Bent" in the confines of my own home, I was overjoyed. I am an ardent fan of Amy Jo Johnson's career and wanted to see her directorial debut. After watching this movie, twice, I can attest that anyone who funded her IndieGoGo project definitely got their money's worth. "Bent" is a heartfelt, short, film with meaningful…


"Childhood friends Amelia (Amy Jo Johnson) and Jackie (Sonya Salomaa) may have taken different paths in life but they share a difficult and secretive past that will forever bond them - they were raised in a religious cult. Many years later, on the anniversary of Amelia's mother's death, they reconnect at the cemetery. At first glance the two women appear to have little in common; the very pregnant Jackie hitchhikes to the graveyard in her T-shirt and dirty jeans whereas well-dressed Amelia pulls up in an expensive SUV and five-inch heels. Yet they immediately shed their adult roles and fall…

Review of Bent

HOW THEIR LIVES TURNED OUT By MARK FOGARTY Living well is the best revenge. This wise old adage gets underlined twice in Amy Jo Johnson's poised, confident directorial debut, BENT. The Canadian film shows two BFFs (played by Johnson and Sonya Salomaa) so full of energy they've actually escaped from a previous Johnson screenplay and gotten their own short movie. Cult survivors, they meet in a cemetery over the Johnson character's mother's grave for an ecstatic (mostly) reunion. If you think a scene in a cemetery has to be somber, think again as the air is filled with whoops and shouts and…

If You Go Indie, Should You Go Indiegogo?

From the it's-a-small-world file, two people I know have recently used Indiegogo to help finance art projects, in one case a book, and in the other case, a short film. (Possibility: the world is not small, zillions of people are using this service, and I'm the one behind the curve.) So, for those of you who were like me and were, like, "Indigo-what? Isn't that a Canadian bookstore chain?" Here's the skinny. Indiegogo is one of several crowdfunding services that have sprung up in recent years, the idea being that you use social media to get a bunch of strangers to help finance your project (…

BENT, a short film

Bent is a short film by Amy Jo Johnson that follows two women who reconnect to work out the personal demons associated with their shared past. It is her writing and directorial debut, and has been screened at festival across North America. Bent follows two women, Amelia and Jackie, as they reunite on the anniversary of Amelia's mother's death. Sitting and drinking in front of her grave, the two women recount their shared childhood in a religious cult, and struggle with the notion of whether or not this makes them 'broken.' Despite the sombre setting and themes, Bent gives way to moments of…

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