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INFESTED's Fly Girl By MICHAEL GINGOLD It's as incongruous a setting as one could imagine for interviewing the star of a horror film in production. Ordinarily, a genre location visit involves a dark, atmospheric and/or gore-strewn set, talking with actors covered in prosthetics, or at least clad in grue-streaked clothes. But this particular situation involves sitting on the back porch of a charming house in the Hamptons area, on a beautiful early-summer day, chatting with the lovely and currently blood-free young actress Amy Jo Johnson. The occasion is the shooting of INFESTED, a satiric…

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Before taking on her current role as the down to earth Julie Emerick on WB's Felicity, Amy Jo Johnson spent three years as Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger on Fox's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And while Jonhson, 29, expects Felcity to do more for her career, she admits that the show is not doing as much for abs. "Being active was part of my job", she says of playing the back-flipping ranger. These days Johnson must squeeze fitness into her shooting schedule and says she "hates the gym routine". No surprise, considering how much time she devoted to to it as a child. From age 7 to 16,…

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Greenport becomes Infested! by Caitlin Kapell This past spring, something very exciting happened in the usually quiet town of Greenport. The suposedly haunted Cabbitt house, located on the North Road, was used for a new independent movie, called "Infested". The plot of the movie consists of killer flies and zombies attacking people, and the movie is set in the house. Actress Amy Jo Johnson, from the hit WB show Felicity is one of the leads in the movie. Ms. Johnson's surprise appearances in public places are sending fans all over the place waiting to catch a glimpse. Having a famous actress…

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