'Flashpoint' star returns to TV after two-year break

'Flashpoint' star returns to TV after two-year break Tyrone Warner, After a self-imposed hiatus to travel the world, "Flashpoint" star Amy Jo Johnson tells that she's ready to return to television. "It felt like this would be the right time to work again," says Johnson. "I took two years off because I really wanted a family and I was tired of the L.A. scene." On "Flashpoint," Johnson plays Julianna "Jules" Callaghan, a sniper and rappelling expert for the Strategic Response Unit (based on Toronto's real-life Emergency Task Force). Airing on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV and[...]

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson
Amy Jo Johnson grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. As a child she competed as a gymnast, learning skills that would later be of great use to her in her breakthrough role as Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993). She gave up competing when she was 17, and concentrated more on her acting interests, appearing in various community theatre projects. Once she graduated from high school she went to New York to study at the American Musical Dramatic Academy. After two years there she moved to California where she landed the aforementioned part as[...]

Amy Jo Johnson

WHY IS SHE FAMOUS Actress, singer-songwriter and musician Amy Jo Johnson is best-known for playing the Pink Ranger in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series from 1993 to 1995, and Julie Emrick on the WB series Felicity from 1998 to 2000. She has also been a regular cast member on The Division and Wildfire, and has released a few solo albums since 2001. Amy Jo Johnson Quote "Grow enough to be consistently happy."- Amy Jo Johnson, on her motto in life." 78 SEX APPEAL If you're into petite women with a sleek, athletic build, then former competitive gymnast Amy Jo[...]

Amy Jo Johnson

While many still recognize the Massachusetts native from her earliest role in the long-running Power Rangers series, Amy Jo Johnson has gone to several roles in film and television over her twenty-year career, including hit series like Felicity and most-recently the Canadian police drama Flashpoint . She had also gone on to establish herself as a singer-songwriter with 2001's The Trans-American Treatment and the live-offering Imperfect . The multi-talented performer hasn't stopped there, however. Johnson has now added writer and director to her list of credits with the production of two short films, as well as releasing her latest album[...]

Amy Jo Johnson turns to directing

Amy Jo Johnson has shifted her attention from acting to writing and directing. KRISTA FOGEL Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson recently "morphed" into her pink and white spandex once again - but not to protect the world from Zords. Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson recently "morphed" into her pink and white spandex once again - but not to protect the world from Zords. Instead, the Cape Cod native and former Dennis resident was in costume singing through the Toronto streets celebrating her Indiegogo campaign as it surpassed its $75,000 fundraising goal in just 15 days. Johnson[...]


First steps: Amy Jo Johnson was born in the small town of Dennis in the region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, on October 6, 1970. She was a normal girl and like many of us, had a dream: he wanted to be an artist. Daughter Greig Johnson , a car salesman, and his wife Christine Johnson , who managed for a long time a clothing store, Amy Jo became interested in gymnastics in childhood and at age 7 began training in Cape Gymnastics Club cod. After 4 years of training, she was already participating in championships throughout North America and[...]


AMY JO JOHNSON is a multi-faceted artist with over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry. Through the love and support of her overly generous fan base Amy Jo has been able to express her creative dreams through filmmaking. Born and raised in the USA in 2008 Amy Jo moved her life to Toronto, Canada after landing the award-winning Canadian series Flashpoint. The love she has for her new home has inspired her to become a Canadian Citizen. Amy Jo creates from the heart and is driven to hopefully inspire and help influence people in a positive way. This, to[...]

Blue Butterfly Boy

Darling I know you want me to go. I can feel it like splinters right down to my toes. All my splendor I'll kindly surrender, if you just pretend to care. Because I want to be fragile. Handle me with care. So you're just a Hollywood brat, just another Hollywood brat pretending to be the blue butterfly boy. But I see you, oh lord I see you standing everywhere. But I want to be fragile. Handle me with care. You better run because you might fall in love. You better hide, because you might fall in love. Because I'm the[...]

Dancing In Between

Got so scared it made me cry. The world took me for a ride. Got so scared it made me laugh. Tickled my pride. Now I'm dancing in-between. Cause I got nowhere to hide. Romancing the seams of my battered up insides. Wonderful is the falling of a broken dream. Written on the cover of a New York magazine. I'll stomp my hands, Jo baby, I'll clap my feet. Cause there is always another Firstman to beat. Dancing in-between because I got nowhere to hide. Romancing the seams of my battered up insides. I'm the fool, got no scene, tangled[...]


I'm home again out of control my life is a tangled web not a tangible thing to hold slippin into the fairway again on the edge of a hill where the mummies meet the day I saw a raven of fear that the forest will betray so I stepped to the side of the ledge I held my wings wide give me freedom I said as I stepped from the side slippin into the fairway again pleased to meet the moonlit sun on the brink of the edge of a wave pleased to meet the moonlit sun and follow it[...]

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