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Amy Jo Johnson and The Space Between

At the end of 2013, I had a conversation with Amy Jo Johnson about her fledgling foray into writing and directing her first two short films, not to mention her long-awaited return to music with her latest album Never Broken . Fast forward to now, and the former Flashpoint star is now diving head first into her debut feature film, The Space Between . The Space Between follows the story of Mitch who finds out that his baby isn't actually his own. He then sets out on a journey to seek out the baby's biological father, a nineteen-year-old ginger. Johnson[...]

Amy Jo Johnson Interview

Amy Jo Johnson is an American born actor, gymnast, musician and director. She is most well know for her roles as Kimberly, the original pink ranger, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Julie Emrick in Felicity and Jules Callaghan in Flashpoint. These days she is focused on her directing career, having released two short films, Bent and Lines, over the last couple of years, and is currently writing her first feature film. In this interview she talks about growing up in a cult, her time on Power Rangers, her journey through Hollywood, her love for her daughter Francesca (Frankie) and a[...]


As things slowly trek along towards the 2016 release of Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reoobt, there are still many questions on fans’ minds. Who is going to direct? Who is going to star? Who will the main villain be? But above all else, the one thing people want to know is whether or not any of the former cast members will be involved in the new movie. Well, we now have confirmation that at least one former Mighty Morphin alum is all for appearing in the reboot, and it’s the last one you’d have expected (skip to 3:13 of the following[...]

Amy Jo Johnson talks 'Never Broken' CD, music and short films

Actress Amy Jo Johnson may be best-known for portraying Kimberly, the Pink Power Ranger in the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series, but what you may not know is that she is a talented singer-songwriter in her own right. As Digital Journal previously reported, her new studio album Never Broken , was well-received, earning her comparisons of Grammy-nominated songstress Jewel. Regarding the song selection process for her album Never Broken , she remarked, "The new album was sort of created during three different times of my life. The first five songs I wrote last year, the next three about 8[...]

Amy Jo Johnson, Original Pink Ranger, Open For A Role in New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

Full disclosure: The video below is from Power Rangers fan blog No Pink Spandex , which is run and operated by a friend of mine, Lisa. I helped her film footage of Amy Jo Johnson performing at New York City’s The Bitter End. In a new video series from No Pink Spandex, which will showcase artists pursuing current projects outside of Power Rangers , Amy Jo Johnson opens up about going to her first convention at this past Lexington Comic-Con and performing at The Bitter End in New York for the first time in ten years. The one thing that’s[...]


First steps: Amy Jo Johnson was born in the small town of Dennis in the region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, on October 6, 1970. She was a normal girl and like many of us, had a dream: he wanted to be an artist. Daughter Greig Johnson , a car salesman, and his wife Christine Johnson , who managed for a long time a clothing store, Amy Jo became interested in gymnastics in childhood and at age 7 began training in Cape Gymnastics Club cod. After 4 years of training, she was already participating in championships throughout North America and[...]

Brent Crawford

Brent Crawford is an actor, known for Shooting Blanks (2014).

Flashpoint actress Amy Jo Johnson turns to crowdfunding to launch first full-length feature

The Space Between is a quirky comedy about a man who discovers his child is not his own. Amy Jo Photo/KRISTA FOGEL Amy Jo Johnson will co-star in, 'The Space Between'. While Beach resident Amy Jo Johnson may be most well known for her dramatic acting roles on Flashpoint, Felicity and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, she’s already making a name for herself behind the camera as a writer and director. “I love filmmaking. I’ve really found my true passion with writing and directing as well,” she shared during a recent interview. Six years ago, Johnson – who grew up[...]

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