The Eddie Files

'Weird Al' Yankovic

'Weird Al' Yankovic
Alfred Matthew Yankovic was born on October 23, 1959, in the Los Angeles suburb of Lynwood, to Mary Elizabeth (Vivalda) and Nick Louis Yankovic. He is of Serbian, Italian, and English descent. He first took up the accordion when a salesman came around to solicit business for a music school. His parents decided on the accordion because of polka king Frankie Yankovic (no relation). As a child and young teen, Al watched a lot of television, which gave him much inspiration for his later work. He also became a fan of such musician/comedians as Allan Sherman and Spike Jones .[...]

Aaron Lisboa

Aaron Lisboa is an actor, known for The Eddie Files (1995).

Angus Mays

Angus Mays is an actor, known for The Eddie Files (1995).

Cassandra Gonzalez

Cassandra Gonzalez is an actress, known for Small Talk (1996) and The Eddie Files (1995).

Danny Dennis

Danny Dennis is an actor, known for Green Card (1990), The Jerky Boys (1995) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999).

Eddie Lisboa

Eddie Lisboa is an actor, known for The Eddie Files (1995).

Jerry Stiller

Jerry Stiller
As the short, hypertensive male counterpart of the stellar husband-and-wife comedy team "Stiller & Meara", Jerry Stiller and wife Anne Meara were on top of the comedy game in the 1960s, a steady and hilarious presence on television variety, notably Toast of the Town (1948), on which they appeared 36 times. Decades later, his career was revitalized in the role of the raucous, gasket-blowing Frank Costanza on the sitcom classic Seinfeld (1989). Jerry Stiller was born in the Unity Hospital in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, to Bella (Citron) and William Stiller, a bus driver. His paternal grandparents were[...]

Kamala Lopez

Kamala Lopez
Kamala Lopez is an award-winning film and television actress, producer, director, writer and editor as well as an internationally recognized political activist, blogger and published editorialist. Born in New York City to a South Indian mother and a Venezuelan father, Lopez lived with her parents in Caracas until age 14, when the family returned to the US. While still in high school in Brooklyn, she was cast on Sesame Street (1969) as Mercedes, Maria's cousin, a role she played for two seasons before being accepted to Yale University, where she double majored in Philosophy and Theatre Studies. She trained at[...]

Karen Rizzo

Karen Rizzo is an actress and writer, known for Death Collector (1988), Seinfeld (1989) and 2 Broke Girls (2011).

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