The More You Know

Richard O'Sullivan

After living the first year-and-a-half of his life in historic Cowpens, South Carolina (best known as the site of a pivotal battle during the American Revolutionary War), Richard O'Sullivan moved to Forest City, North Carolina in 1970 following the tumultuous breakup of his parents' marriage. His dad, Ronald, a volatile ex-Green Beret who volunteered for two tours of duty in Vietnam, later remarried and fathered a second son, Terry. His mother, Barbara, raised Richard alone until he was ten years old, at which point she remarried as well, this time to a former police officer. Known for his sardonic wit[...]

Stanley Morse

Stanley Morse
Stanley Morse is the son of his two parents (true story). a director, writer, producer and actor, his creative visions manifest through big budget network tv, music videos, commercials as well as micro budget short films. stanley has directed spots for: kohls, nbc's the voice, nbc universal's the more you know campaign, coors light, at&t and the tennessee lottery which merited stanley a prestigious addy award. parents + creative visions = genius. its simple math. union affiliations: dga, sag/aftra

Tami D'Addio

Tami D'Addio is known for her work on The Good Wife (2009), Rent (2005) and Parks and Recreation (2009).

The More You Know

Launched in 1989, NBC's "The More You Know" series of brief public service announcements has utilized the talents of some of Hollywood's brightest stars (almost only actors appearing on NBC-TV programs at the time), writers, and directors to deliver messages about such topics as tolerance, mentoring, parental involvement, and the prevention of violence. The winner of numerous Emmy and Peabody Awards, "The More You Know" has been praised for its effectiveness in harnessing the power of television for a greater good.

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